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Have you planned your business trip to Spain? Here are some tips that might be helpful and can help you to organize your trip.

Weather in Spain

In Spain are three climatic zones:

1st. This area, formed by the northern regions of Spain, next to the Atlantic Ocean. Winter is wet and quite warm. Summer is moderately warm.

2 nd. This area, which covers the central part of Spain, is characterized by relatively cold winters (temperature is near zero degrees), and the hot, dry summer.

3 rd. The southeastern part of the Mediterranean. The climate in this area is typically subtropical, namely hot summers and warm winters.

The climate on the Canary Islands is characterized by stable temperatures throughout the year, with the absence of the stifling heat or freezing cold.

The average monthly temperatures in Spain

January February March April May June July August September October November December
Air С° 16 17 19 21 24 27 31 32 28 25 19 17
Water С° 14 14 14 15 17 20 24 25 24 21 13 12

What do you bring to Spain? Here are a few tips that will help you to bring the most necessary to have a comfortable travel.

1. The most important are the documents. If you suddenly run out of money, you can fix it,while having the Passport and you can ask your friends or relatives to make a transfer to yur account. So before you leave home check carefully to take the tickets, passport, reservation and visa for Spain.

2. For the travel, its usefull to prepare a sum of cash, checks and credit cards. Check in advance if your cards are valid for the Spanish territory aswell the date of its validity. It is advisable not to leave money in the suitcase, which will be checked-in. It is better to keep it close to you - in pockets or in the hand luggage, that you will carry during the journey.

3. We must also think of the aid-kit. It should contain: tablets against headache, stomach pills, adhesive bandages, cotton pads, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic gel for hands, other than those regularly used medicines and their effectiveness is proven. Make sure that the entry of these medicines to Spanish territory is allowed.

4. Do not forget to bring chargers for your laptops, tablets or other devices. We recommend to carry these in your hand luggage to keep them nearly in case of an urgent need to charge the mobile phone eg. The loading points of mobile devices can be found in train stations, airports and coffee-bars.

5. During the summer in Spain is advisable to wear sunglasses ad bring suncream for skin protection.

6. We recommend to bring some appropriate clothes and an umbrella in case of cold weather, during your stay in Spain.

Internet in Spain

For many travelers it is important to have internet access and connection during their journey. For those who are planning to visit Spain, an advise; visit www.quewifi.es, which contains information about points of free internet access in each region/city.
In the database are bars, cafes, parks, hotels and restaurants equipped with free wireless internet access. Each item has a detailed description and location on the map.
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